Is your team happy with your work distribution methods

Nobody appreciates doing more work than your teammate and still remain a second favourite of your boss. It’s a situation we all find ourselves in at some point or another at work.


There are many dynamics involved that result in weak distribution of work amongst your team. However, the onus lies on the team leader to fix this issue sooner than later as it has potential to create serious misunderstanding within your team.


More workload in team for everyone is sometimes better situation for team leaders to be in than consistently dealing with unfair work distribution. This can offset some of the members and put doubts in their mind leading to reluctance in giving their hundred percent.


In some extreme cases it can even force some of your deserving employees to leave your organization. That’s how serious the problem can be.


While it is easy to hold the team leader accountable for the work distribution woos of a company, they will not go away only with manual intervention and monitoring on team leaders side.


What is required is a tool that sits at the heart of your organization where all employees can have a transparent way of understanding and realizing that work distribution is not skewed in somebody’s favour.

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