Less communication to more work

When we have a specialized coordination software that also claim to handle projects and task management we tend to get dragged into communication part of it more often than not.


There is constant urge to chat and communicate over everything without planning. When communication channel is not equipped with strong mutual visibility around the big picture on your work you are coordinating about. You tend to get involved in series of follow up, impulsive chats which only results in further delay in taking your coordination to meaningful conclusion.


Coordination software make big difference when they do what they are actually build to do that is facilitate communication and co-ordination. The moment they try to claim to be the best project and task management software they start to create problems for teams.


You need to have a solid tool with ample features to take care of both of your short term and long term workflow. The inbuilt communication tools within this central application should allow you to restricted co-ordination and prevent it from spilling over into broader chats where you find it difficult to connect the dots.


If your centralized application is not able to facilitate sharp result oriented communication it should at least be designed to seamlessly converge with full fledged coordination software making it easy for you to connect the dots.

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